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Founded in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil in 1993 by Sergio Schmid. Twister is specialized in visual effects for film and video. Working in a myriad of segments that use our services, Twister Studio quickly became recognized for it's works and the quality of the services provided to it's clients and partners.

In 1999 the first big step for the film segment of the company was the production of almost 11 minutes of visual effects for the feature film "Villa Lobos - A Life of Passion" from the director Zelito Vianna, with all the film scanning and colour grading done at EFILM in Los Angeles.

With the production of several music videos, tv spots, openings for tv shows, the visual effects for 19 feature films and the development and production of a animation feature "Xuxinha and Guto against the Space Monsters" utilizing both traditional 2D and 3D animation, Twister Studio is considered one of the best brazilian companies in it's segment.

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Corporate Video
Client: Petrobras
MTV Video Music Brasil 2004
Best Direction and Editing
Music Video: O Salto
Artist: O Rappa
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